Big pond, small fish.

Big pond, small fish.


As a small business, we have to look at our offering in a different manner to the perceived norm, simply because we don’t have the finances or ready resource to apply to projects that may come our way.

We have to be resourceful and pragmatic in our approach to all we do; balance is the key to our success and providing satisfaction for our clients.

As Brocklebank Creative has developed as a business, we have become more aware of our strengths; the elements of our work that we do very well and can apply to offer benefit for both clients and ourselves alike.

While we offer a range of creative services our ‘pièce de résistance’ is the design and production of data driven marketing assets, in particular the production of floorplan illustrations for the build-to-rent real estate sector.

Our experience means we are able to combine architectural data with the original drawings of developments, and turn them into premium illustrated plan arrangements of apartments at incredibly cost-efficient rates.

The techniques don’t involve any fancy technology or application, just careful consideration of the task in hand, and a methodical, considered approach to the organisation of the project.

This results in not only an incredible delivery speed, but when you involve the economies of scale that are often associated with such large developments, the costs of production tumble.

A perfect example is our recent delivery of assets for Canada Gardens at Wembley Park for our long-standing client, Quintain Living.

This grand, high specification development houses no less than 700 individual apartments in numerous capacities, shapes and styles. Brocklebank Creative provided premium floorplan illustrations, arranged with associated data, presented and proofed at a price of under £8 a unit.

We’ll repeat that.

Each individual apartment illustrated, nuanced, refined and presented with all specified data, in two different guises for under £8 each.

To put that into another rather ridiculous context; if you worked on each unit individually, unit by unit, floor by floor, and each took you a day to finalise – the entire project would take you almost 2 years of working life.

We completed the project in approximately 150 hours, or about 26 working days if you will.

Of course, this is just one purposeful example as there are many variables that can impact delivery timescales and costs over similar projects, but the approach and application of techniques remains the same to all the projects we are tasked with producing collateral for.

So far we have delivered assets for approximately 2,760 homes.

This is where we believe our strength lies.

We may well be a small fish in a big pond, but our size means we can offer the flexibility to adapt to different parameters, yet still allow us to employ those efficiencies, constantly providing economical, yet premium solutions for our clients.

Premium and economical. You don’t often see those two words together with actual purpose, unless you want a slightly wider seat on the trip to LAX that is.

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