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Let’s talk about Artwork.

Let’s talk about artwork.

Brocklebank Creative artworking blog

Much maligned? Misinterpreted? Overlooked? Or just misunderstood due to relentless pace of today’s design world, where worldly ability is a given, thanks in part to a plethora of apps and automated plugins.

Modern, computerised artworking used to be a respected line of specialism, back in the day when photoshop had an eye for a logo, print jobs were proofed against a chromalin, and the operation of the beige apple computer at work was actually a job description.

Regardless of your studio standing, experience or place in the creative process, artworking should – nay needs – to be a staple of the modern creative studio. Here’s why:

The production of any piece of marketing collateral, be it a business card or building drop, requires a methodical, insightful and knowledgeable approach in order to produce an accurate representation of the creative vision for the piece and to ask the right questions when something appears amiss.

Specification, colour, resolution, finish and delivery, are all crucial elements of any particular print or digital job that must all be considered to achieve a satisfactory end result.

Take, for instance, the simple job of resizing an image for web application. A relatively easy turn around, at a glance, until you consider resolution and the attention that should be provided to the compression and sampling methods used, which will in turn affect file weight and quality, so they are served correctly by the vending party.

An all to regular oversight, that often has a detrimental effect on how your digital campaign appears in its different guises. Nobody likes to see an advert full of compression artefact.

Alternatively, look at how the application of colour across a range of print and digital assets can be key to consistency in your brand or campaign application.

Creative comps may look great in a digital setting but could end up turning a little drab when transferred to print due to changes in gamut across the colour spaces.

The ability to not only highlight but also find solutions to what can be a world of nuanced hiccups, is what defines that basic requirement for artworking.

These aren’t rudimentary tasks, but underlying experience and technique that benefits the creative process as a whole, saving time, expense and removing the potential for disappointment when you get hands on with that oh-so-expensive foiled cover.

Artwork isn’t just about writing pdfs, crop marks or moving boxes about on screen. It is the finishing, the polish and the final offering, if you will.

Without artwork, regardless of who actions it, there is no output, no delivery.

As an intrinsic part of the creative process and studio workflow, if engaged with respect, will act as a safeguard in the output of your marketing collateral, potentially saving you budget for another day.

A little insight into how highly we regard and approach a key elements of our day to day approach to what we do at Brocklebank Creative.

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