The Brief

In light of the client new advertising campaign for 2015, Hilton EMEA required a presentation brochure, detailing the marketing channels and scheme due to be implemented, to present at an annual conference.

The Solution

With the creative style used in the document pre-determined from past designs, layout of this document was purely a creative artworking task, making sure layout application of creative was consistent and information ordered as requested.

Indesign style sheets were employed to maintain typographic consistency, as were master page elements and the use of a library assets. This help to assure consistency throught out and reduced the timescale of production.

Certain design elements were simplified to aid production of the artwork; graphical page backgrounds were initially generated from several grouped layers and vignettes, where one carefully sized image would suffice. This simplification help to prevent any inadvertent inconsistency.

Vector art and table data was utilised wherever possible to retain a workable document size, considering the amount of detailed information and infographics present in this 38 page piece.

The rapid production of this piece was welcomed by the client, particularly as the job was turned around by the studio in under 5 working days.

Hilton Hotels

Employed Experience

November 2014

Creative Artwork
Asset Delivery