The Brief

Following the creation of Tipi’s new brand guidelines in the summer of 2018 , Brocklebank Creative were asked to assure the application of the new guidelines to all existing marketing assets and collateral and guard the application of the brand going forward.

The Solution

After a period of feedback into the new brand, where we were asked to use our expertise in helping to refine the application of the instructions, we set about with the implementation of the new creative to Tipi’s existing assets.

As with any new brand, new fonts; colours and graphical devices often don’t transfer in a straight forward manner to existing layouts, and this case was no different.

On the whole, application was smooth and a simple case of altering colour palettes and fonts, however, for certain collateral, layouts had to be adjusted to accommodate new brand elements or to offer new consistencies that were now employed by the creative.

Continual awareness of the consistency in application was key in these initial phases of development for the new brand, as the efficiencies and patterns discovered in these early phases of development help to structure the brand into the future.

As the creative application developed, Brocklebank was sure to communicate regularly with the client when application of the new creative had to be adapted to suit, or where we noticed that application was or had the potential to waver from the new normal.

Tipi Homes Ltd

Agency or Direct
Direct Client

Date of Work
July 2018

Applied Expertise
Art Direction
Brand Guardianship
Asset Delivery