The Brief

To illustrate individual floorplans and then collate with relavant specifications, providing completed information sheets forĀ  developments across Wembley Park. Delivered in two versions, furnished and unfurnished.

The Solution

Supplied as comprehensive spreadsheet data and original architect drawing files, the process began with the creation of clean, presentable templates that could be used convey all the required information for each apartment to potential tenants. Final assets had to be used across digital platforms such as and, as well on Tipi’s own online letting portal.

Careful consideration and planning for each project was required in the first instance, not only to make sure that all the correct data was being gathered but that it was presented in a correct and consistent format. Testing for each project was invaluable in discovering any potential pitfalls.

Individual apartment types were independently illustrated to a client approved creative, producing a high-resolution asset, which included various style changes and nuances found amongst the various apartments on each floor of each building. Simple site plans and other graphical elements were also implemented to aid the customers orientation of each plan.

Once automated, each set of floorplans was proofed floor-by-floor, the knowledge that the data had been applied by sequence made errors after the process rare. If found, they could be easily traced and rectified.

Workflow was also readily adapted to allow for alterations in file sizes and type; complex vector data is difficult to compress to a workable file weight.

In all, 17 individual building were illustrated and then presented, across 7 different sites over the course of three years; the creation of over 4,800 unique floorplan assets.

Tipi London

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2017 to 2020

Project Management
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