The Brief

In light of The Guardian’s support of Cannes Lions 2016 and its sponsorship of the Speakers Lounge, the papers internal Creative Studio was tasked with branding this large and widely used area of the event.

The Solution

Working in tandem with the Guardian in-house creative team, this project was initially developed from 1:10 scale scamps, detailing the information and imagery to be used around the lounge.

The Speakers Lounge had specific areas, and the creative applied to each was to demonstrate different topics of The Guardian’s media coverage.

As each piece was large format, particular attention had to be paid to the quality and application of the imagery used. A screen grab at 10 percent may have looked great on the scamp but was unsuitable once scaled up for print on a six metre wall vinyl.

It was recommendeed to proof full scale sections of particular creative, to ensure that quality was maintained and that images and creative application were suitable.

Close liaison with the installer in France ensured that all the technical aspects of the final artworks were suitable, including bleed areas, live areas and how the creative was to interact with different surfaces, including the lighting.

In several locations, artwork was designed to be wrapped around corners or pillars, forming continuous graphics for that area. Special provision to the creative application had to be given to ensure that these areas were easy to reproduce and install, which affected the visibility and effect of the creative to a certain degree.

The end result was an accurate and highly successful branded lounge, that portrayed The Guardian’s media and creativity to fantastic effect over the course of the 2016 Cannes Lions week.

The Guardian

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May 2016

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