The Brief

Commissioned by Tesla Automotive, who wanted a series of illustrations for a branded colouring book that was to be given away as part of a gift pack when potential and existing customers visited showrooms with their children.

The illustrations had to represent the lifestyle appeal of the Tesla Model S, which was beginning to grow in popularity at the time of the brief.

The Solution

From a few supplied scamps were deemed too mature by the client, stylised illustrations were developed for three initial scenes.

After refinement and approval, the style of illustration was then expanded to a further 11 scenes, all symbolising the versatility of the Model S in a variety of situations; from a family day at the fun fair to a weekend of camping.

The illustrations success was to present scenes that could be recognised by an ‘artist’, no matter their age, yet maintain a noticeable Tesla presence in each view.

Reference material and a methodical approach to each artwork, guaranteed each scene didn’t vary greatly in style and the cars remained consistently identifiable, despite different viewing angles and situations.

The finished colouring book was presented in an ‘easel style’ display wallet, and packaged with crayons ready to be presented at Tesla customer centres around the world.

Tesla Automotive

Agency or Direct
Direct Client

June 2015

Art Direction
Asset Delivery