As an experienced studio operator and facilitator, I have been in involved in several scenarios from which I have been able to gain much valuable insight in to the workings of the typical creative studio.

This experience came in perfectly when I was asked to give input into the operation of the creative studio at Hotel Chocolat.

An inefficient workflow system, had unfortunately allowed the day-to-day studio operation to become unproductive, with briefs being missed, sent out incorrectly and offering poor guardianship of the quality of work.

After some initial overview time, the primary task involved installing a rudimentary, but workable trafficking system, providing a quick and efficient solution to the communication and organisation of studio output, to involve a more simplistic approach briefing, overview, approval and delivery.

Installing ‘controllers’ at both the creative and project side of the process, instantly allowed work to be prioritised, providing a healthy overview of the traffic levels, understanding of each job in hand and much less stress on the variety of team members involved.

With workflow organised and structured, analysis of the work could begin; as with many studio environments there are repetitive elements to the day-to-day production, which can be simplified an/or automated to make their application more efficient.

Routines were applied to elements of the brands packaging design, which not only led to a vast improvements in turnaround, but also less errors and a greater understanding of the production.

Finally, with a workflow and a better organisation in place, the studio could move forward in it’s development, allowing the renown brand that is Hotel Chocolat to be nurtured and developed by the now focused creative team.

Photography by Osman Rana and Giu Vicente on Unsplash

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December 2016

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