The Brief

Regal Homes London are a real estate developer the builds high-end accommodation around  the capital. They required a series of education guides, produced for three of their upcoming developments, to assist in marketing of the properties.

The Solution

Taking guidance from the client, and the appropriate listings of both Primary and Secondary schools in the locales of the developments, we were tasked with illustrating appropriate maps with travel data, to be presented in an 8-page booklet.

Each booklet offered detail and insight into each development, in line with each buildings brand, as well as details about the schooling nearby. A brief guide for the universities around the capital and their respective travel times was also included.

While the application and styling of the data and layout was fairly rudimentary, the development of the maps took a little more consideration; a finite area for such a wide range of information meant that each map had to be carefully considered to offer sound legibility and necessary labelling.

The distance from each development of some education centres, impacted the visible area of each map, which in turn affected the application of information; too small and the map would be illegible. Likewise, if there was too much clutter or variation in feature.

Labelling, roads, buildings and green spaces all had to be consistent across all three booklets.

While each final map isn’t exactly the same in proportion due the above considerations, each conveys the necessary information clearly and to the clients satisfaction.

Regal Homes

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January 2019

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