As the branding agency for Global’s Radio X transformation, the final part of the exercise was to create an accurate and informative set of  guidelines that would aid the control and consistency of the new identities appearance across multiple channels.


Having the insight and understanding into how the new brand was developed,  meant that producing the guidelines was slightly easier than if I had not been involved in the creative development.

Working in tandem with the projects Creative Director, the guidelines were written with a systematic approach, to enable consistency and accuracy throughout.

Past experience working with and producing guidelines provided additional opinion on how overly complex and contradictory they can become; in this case, emphasis was placed on the simplicity of the document, making sure guidance broke down into consecutive sections that could also be cross referenced easily.

Making sure initial rules about ‘safe areas’ and ‘minimum size’ were refered to later on in the document, together with suitable examples, helped keep the guidelines concise, eliminating the need for repetition and the risk of contradiction.

Further thought about who and how these guidelines may be utilised by in the future was also employed in their design and production; simple graphical devices were used to aid acknowledgment of key points, as well as clear typographics and annotation where appropriate.

The insightful nature of the production of these guidelines also allowed them to be finalised in an incredible 24 working hours.

Such a rapid turnaround wouldn’t have been possible without the additional background knowledge of the project and close working relationship with the creatives.


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Agency – MBC Group

August 2015

Technical Direction
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