During a period of transition, I was asked to use my experience to help realign a mis-firing production studio at Tag: London, servicing the Proctor and Gamble Italy account. This account included not only FMCG and POS materials, but also P&G’s high profile cosmetic brands, looked after by a total of approximately 40 staff.


After a week of observation, I was able to quickly pin point several key areas that required improvment.

Primarily, the workflow was in need of organisation to increase productivity; but also to install much needed confidence between both studio staff and the client services team.

The lack of understanding outside of the studio lead to frustrated demands for work going in, which in turn created resentment an uneasy atmosphere on both sides.

Rapidly developing an understanding of the work enabled control of communication between the studio and client team, which rapidly eliminated the uneasy atmosphere.

Development could then move forward, achieved by making subtle, gradual changes that created minimal disruption to the existing workflow and process; this included changes to the methods of briefing, amendments and ad-hoc requests. Keeping process alterations simple and easy to understand was key, as to not upset or cause confusion with staff.

As the studio became more relaxed, trust was earned, confidence grew and the standards developed.

A QC mechanism was employed to help assure client services of the work that had been produced, which installed greater confidence in that team.

Their knowledge that the studio could now help them in advising on client requests gave them confidence, which in turn resulted in happier clients.

Nurturing a greater understanding of the work client side, also boosted the confidence of studio individuals, empowering them with greater responsibility to guide and advise on projects, a key element to any productive studio environment.

While the development of any studio is a process that requires the necessity of time, the improvements made at  Tag: London allowed the introduction of a permanent studio manager an altogether easier task, with understanding and confidence growing steadily among team members.

Tag: London

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January 2016

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