The Brief

Retouch and illustrate new packaging artwork over existing visuals for Hotel Chocolat’s Valentine’s day product range.

The Solution

Original presentation visuals were supplied by the client, together with the new flat artwork, set on appropriate cutting guides. Brocklebanks task was to transfer the new packaging artwork onto existing visuals, to allow for promotional campaigns over the coming season.

Application of the new art to the more regular packaging was fairly simple; particular attention had to be provided to the alignment of the artwork, which was overlooked initially; simply stretching the art to suit the relative area on the original didn’t provide an adequate application, as this distorted art then displayed in the wrong proportions.

The perspective of the original required the implementation of several blended layers to achieve a realistic retouch, with labelling and other noticeable elements applied individually to suit.

Placing the flat graphics onto the complex pillow pack shapes, again required the careful use of distortion, that not only remained true to the perspective present in the original image, but also the curvature of the carton; a tricky process, especially as the distortion affected the appearance of the copy on the packs.

Addition of highlights and shadows brings the final piece together and to generate visuals that offer a high resolution, photo realistic appearance.

Hotel Chocolat

Agency or Direct
Direct Client

September 2017

Art Direction