The Brief

To create a folio style photobook documenting a season of motorsport images in a premium format that can be delivered to customers around the world.

The Solution

The initial problem with creating any item is being certain that the finished piece will be of the required quality, especially in regards to the constraints of budget and time.

The initial requirement for this job, was to source a reputable printer that could offer the capability of  book production to a high standard and within budget.

Enquiring with a several potential print suppliers  allowed me to source a reputable and cost effective manufacturer for the books, of which 14 were produced to be shipped worldwide.

The artwork was then prepared to a bespoke template, following an accurate specification provided by the printer, to help them ensure accurate production and the highest quality finish possible.

As a case bound book, special attention had be shown to the cover art, which is finished in one piece, but must also accommodate width for the spine and bleed.

This affected how the cover image could be applied; wrapping an image around the entire case, meant that placement was key to it’s appearance and attractiveness, especially as proof samples were not available.

The finished piece consistence of 84, full colour matt pages, displaying 40 spread images taken over the 2016 motorsport season. The finish item received high praise from the few fans that received a copy.


Agency or Direct

March 2017

Creative Direction
Print Management