The Brief

To create a series of folio style photobooks, documenting a season of motorsport images in a premium, hardback format.

The Solution

As with any print management job, the initial requirement for this brief, was to source a reputable printer that could offer the capability of book production to a high standard and within budget.

Enquiring with several potential print suppliers allowed us to find a reputable source and cost-effective manufacturer for the books, of which were produced to be shipped worldwide.

The artwork was then prepared to a bespoke template, following an accurate specification provided by the supplier, to ensure accurate production and the highest quality finish.

As each book was to be case bound, special attention was shown to the cover art, which is finished in one piece and has to accommodate tolerances of the spine and cover material. This affects how the cover image could be applied; wrapping an image around the entire case, meant placement was key to its appearance and attractiveness; an off-centre cover image would detract from each books finish and reception.

Image colour conversion also required attention, as vibrancy and impact of certain images can be lost in the printing process due the change in colour gamut from RGB to CMYK. Process was involved to adjust each image carefully so to retain as much vibrancy of the original as possible.

Three books were produced in total over a period of three years, delivering around 100 copies to a global audience. Each edition was well received with orders doubling annually for each release.

Rich Webb Photography

Agency or Direct
Direct Client

Date of Work
2017 – 2019

Applied Expertise

Print Management
Art Direction