Photographic Review.

Throughout the first year of working for myself as Brocklebank Creative services, certain emphasis has been placed on the expansion of my offering into more creative avenues, one of which has been photography.

As has been written about before in this blog, part of the reasoning behind working for myself, was to turn a hobby into something that was a little more serious; to challenge my skill level and not only as a future method or income, but as a way to improve my level and understanding of striking imagery.

This year has not only seen Brocklebank Creative visit over 15 national and international motorsport events around the UK and beyond, but has also seen me complete and deliver my first ever professional shoot for a certain multimedia provider of considerable stature.

That was unexpected, but being offered the challenge and rising to the occasion was certainly a step in a direction worth traveling.

In fact, together with all the progress I feel has been made in the area of action and motorsport photography – baring in mind, none of the images I capture are from accredited positions as yet – having completed a successful studio job gives me great confidence to take on future projects should they arrive.

In the meantime, it would be great to hear your opinions on my work, so please have a look at my expanding folio, especially images from the larger events such as The Goodwood Revival, and both the British and German Grand Prix, on which I have received excellent feedback from my peers and establish professional alike.

Would be great to be considered should you ever need a world class event covered with some contemporary, artistic photography.

Please do pay a visit and enjoy the work.



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