The art to keeping busy.

The world of freelance is a tricky beast to tame, and as the year continues there are of course idle moments where it would be too easy to resign oneself into too much relaxing.

But that’s not me.

Ever since Brocklebank Creative Services was formed, I’ve taken it upon myself to be more proactive in the daily search for prospective clients, new contacts and to take the opportunity to hone my skill set, one of which has been photography.

I’ve been a keen bit-part photographer for many years, with delusions of David Bailey while on holiday or at an event; making the move into freelance has enabled me to place a little more focus and regularity into my photography, with an aim of improving my images and eventually providing my expertise to future clients.

Not being one for sitting around, I’ve chosen to pursue what I perceive is one of the more difficult photographic genres; action sport and primarily motorsport.

I’ve taken images of action sport in the past to certain degrees, but trying to capture an artistic image of a car or bike travelling at high speed is always a challenge, especially in the artistic void of racing circuit.

Creativity and adaptability is the key.

Not just in the taking of the images mind you, but also in post-processing and the development of a gallery. Even while my eye (and my knowledge of my photographic equipment) has developed considerably in such a short time, it’s still not quite where I want it to be.

There are improvements still to be made.

This development in my creative capability has now allowed me to present and share my experiences developing my work, which I now do through my folio/blog –

As with all creative arts, photography is very subjective, so to help me improve my ability I’m keen to absorb as much critique and opinion as possible. Feel free to comment or get in touch if you have any thoughts on my work.

I would like to think that soon I will be able to provide creative images for much more than my own personal folio.

I hope you enjoy the art. Rich.


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