The right opinion?

One week into my new endeavour offering freelance creative services and it’s going well.

There has been plenty of interest so far, and to-date, my working weeks are booked up. Seeing as I am so new to this market, I am taking this as a good sign.

I think I could be quite entertained by the freelance life and the variety it offers, different people, places, techniques and opinions. Yes opinions.

With those little nuggets of wisdom (or not so much) popping up every day, it may not be all as simple as it may seem.

One aspect of being a micro-corporation – I like that term,  I read it today – that really appeals to me, is that my destiny is in my own hands, and if I want to pursue a certain avenue, I am at total liberty to do so.

One area that I will certainly look into furthering is utilising the knowledge and experience that I have gained over the years to offer opinion and insight in to the way work is presented, produced and organised.

Now I realise there is a time and a place for this. Unless asked, my thoughts will remain entirely my own. If I am asked to divulge my opinion, I shall, but with the reservation that it is just that, an opinion and it may not be the correct one – Sometimes, us freelancers need to know when to have input and when to just do what you are asked.

Which brings me to another point; whose opinion is the right opinion? After all what we deal in is just subjective viewpoints built from past experiences and training.

Choosing an image crop, is just opinion. The way a design flows around a piece of packaging; opinion. How you organise a file for artwork; opinion. How you want your brand to appear across the collateral you use; it’s all just an opinion.

Yes, you could argue that one way is more efficient or better organised, provides better balance to a piece, places focus on a certain area or even helps communicate your brand to it’s audience, but essentially, there are no hard-and-fast rules of how to accomplish any of them.

It’s all just one personal opinion against another, and in our creative world, it’s all subjective.

Is there a correct way of going about any of it?

I think there is, and that’s my opinion.

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